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IT Engineer
상세요강 [담당업무]
Will be responsible for all IT services for Kora and will report to the IT manager who is based in China. 1, switch, firewall, wireless network equipment configuration, maintenance 2, Windows, Linux system maintenance, server and storage installation and maintenance 3. Preparation for staff computer install, support for daily desktop problems 4. Daily management of IT data center (ups, server, network)

1. Familiar with network equipment and servers, storage (HP, Cisco, Fortigate, Netapp ) 2, Less than 3 years of IT work experience 3. Understand IT mainstream technologies 4. Korean – Native, English – Business English Chinese—Business communication

서류전형 - 1차면접 - 2차면접 - 최종협의 국.영문 이력서 (워드화일) 각 1부 를 로 보내주시기 바랍니다.

~3월 26일
기타사항 학력:대졸이상
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 이희재 헤드헌터
연락처: 010-4714-9824
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