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Marketing Specialist
상세요강 [담당업무]
• Campaign & Creative Development - Support all marketing campaigns & CRM programs for Korea - Develop local copies, contents and visuals for effective integrated marketing communication for each channel (on/offline, including Kakao, online ad, retail materials, website, eDM, SMS) - Ensure all contents are on-brand, consistent in style, quality, and tone of voice • Digital & Social Media Management - Apply digital analytics and communicate the results to the team to help guide future campaigns to ensure overall success - Track new social trends, updates and emerging media - Plan, create, manage and report content and campaigns across Brand channels in Korean market, mainly Kakao Talk - Coordinate written and visual assets of social media contents and AD messages - Plan optimal posting schedule, considering web traffic and customer engagement metrics • PR, Influencer & Viral Marketing - Initiate local influencer activities such as offline events/promotion planning and execution - Support and coordinate local PR and viral activities such as celeb photoshoot, TV PPL, celeb seeding and digital media contents creation

• Self-motivated, Self-driven, Entrepreneur Sprit • 4~5 years of experience in marketing department from fashion retail, cosmetics and FMCG, on-line services or Marketing communication agency • Strong knowledge in integrated marketing communications of On-line AD, Social Media and PPL • CRM experience preferred • Bachelor degree and above; Business, Marketing or Media background preferred • Fluency in both written and spoken English • Excellent communication and collaboration skills


기타사항 학력:
외국어:영어 상급
근무지:서울 강남
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 김동혁 헤드헌터
연락처: 010-3758-1692
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